Steven Fekete Jr.

A Common Man with an Uncommon Name.
For the 11th District. Vote March 3rd

Why Run?

It is because I had a spark in me to make a move when I heard that Rep. Mark Meadows was retiring from my district. He has done a great job from all that I have seen. He has not been in any trouble at any time and pays attention to his constituents by following the same core values as the people of Western Carolina. These people are the salt of the earth and know about sacrifice, commitment, and compassion to their fellow man. The people of North Carolina are full of common sense. For one example, we, along with the help of Pat McCrory, tried to end the confusion of multiple genders, when there are obviously only two. We need guardrails in society to keep from confusing our youth on where we are going as a society.

You can have your dreams and fantasies because anything is possible in the United States of America. My dream is that a sinner like me can atone for my sins before I die and become the best person possible to help this generation from being lost or misled. The bombardment by social reading, electronic sharing, and safe feelings can be the downfall of core values. There are not enough bright messages of hope and self-discipline. Much more can be achieved when there is a society that protects everyone and does not allow special allowances to groups who want to live in a bubbled world in which reality cannot touch them.

You have the right to fail, but also the responsibility to work hard and get along with your fellow human beings. We are at a crossroads this day to become a mature group of citizens or revert back to a feral past where only the fit survive. The tensions are high, and those blinded by failure might want to take back what they lost by force. Leadership with no compassion is a successful way to lead people toward a dark road. Mob rule has no place in a republic in which the people have spoken.

By being in the Congress I can help continue the direction of God-fearing men and women and help guide the moral "ship" towards liberty for all. You have the freedom to not agree, and yet you cannot be given the tools to dismantle our Republic. It is with sweat and tears and dying that we have accomplished so much in so little time as a country.

Our heritage is only about 240 years old and the goodness of God has gotten us here. Satan did not help in achieving so much. It is with our blood, and the blood of those who have died for this country, that makes it safe for everyone to live here.

You and I know that compared to all the Empires, communists, and dictators in the world, we Americans allow people to leave and find other places to their liking. It is funny that the wealthy leave their money offshore so as not to pay taxes. Many of the rich that do not leave hate this Republic. If things are so much better all over the world, then why do people try to break in and sponge off our kindness? There are some questions I cannot answer. All I know is that the goodness of opportunity shines on everyone who lives here.


Why now?

I know that President Trump has our back when it comes to making America Great Again. The spirit of Americans has been lifted. It has been shown to the people that the Deep State is holding our country back from self-rule. The lying and cheating that goes on is being purged from the establishment. Seeing what good men and women do instead of hearing the Evil promises is the gauge I look at when it comes to seeing results. Keeping the public ignorant of the things that are succeeding is as bad as lying about achievements of good people. The Deep State, with the help of "Liberal media complex," do misinform the public about the goals of Dems to grab back power and go back to the old way of whining of how bad the world is, and we only have 10 years or less to live if we do not give up all our money to self-proclaimed experts and live like a 5th world country.

It has been shown very quickly by President Trump that oil, gas, and coal are the necessary vehicles that will carry us into the future to live; and while finding ways to live, we set our eyes on being kind to the earth. All we can do is take care of what is within our boarders until we can share the advancements of better living. If we discovered it, we will be the first to use it for our common good. This also goes for intellectual properties.

We have been robbed by politicians for the last 30 to 40 years. That is why we must get out of this 20 trillion dollar debt. We need to stop paying for everything and cut unnecessary spending so we may balance our books and continue to grow our economy. If we continue to go backwards, we will bankrupt our economy like our treasury is. We have to save more than we spend; how simple is that? The country cannot keep handing out money for poor reasons. Now is the time for the world to put on its big boy pants and manage their own finances. If we do not handle our finances and morals now, then the question is when?

Why me?

I feel so lucky that I was born in the United States of America. My siblings and I are first generation immigrants who were saved from tyranny. Communist Russia took over Hungary after World War II and promised that things were going to get better. Better food, housing, jobs, and lifestyle. All they did was drain all the resources, products and energy from the country. In 1956 the people revolted from the tyranny that was being put on them and started taking back their independence with small arms fire. Russia did not want to negotiate; they rolled in tanks and put down the rebellion. My parents had to leave or be killed for being part of the resistance.

They got out of Hungary and came to America to be free again, like they used to be. We children were told of the horrors that happened to those who remained and how brutal the government was. As I have grown up, my parents and I have seen how Socialism and Communism are being sold to the uninformed. You will never see when they change into brutal leaders, until it is too late. Evil never sleeps; and Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.

Steven Fekete for Congress 2.0

Any government with the leading principle of fearing a loving GOD is bound to succeed. The day when government starts to kick GOD out of its’ meetings, laws, and fundamental operations that government is doomed to fail. Only with a clear understanding that our LORD wants only the best for us can we argue between ourselves how best to achieve a society. Societies that support rights that are given by GOD are rights that all people can help in maintaining. Here are examples.

‘The right to life ‘; Your right to live is my responsibility not to kill you.

“The right to liberty”; Your right to Liberty is my responsibility not to put you in prison because I do not agree with your speech.

“The right to pursue Happiness” is my responsibility not stop your happiness, as long as it does not stop mine.  Any other right that does not live up to these types of agreements is a right that inflicts a burden on me and society.

Bernie Sanders says healthcare is a right. His precieved right will put an undue burden on me and society by reqiuring us to pay for his healthcare. The lack of reponsibilty by DEMOCRATS AND INTELLECTUALS put criticism on society as a social flaw. These groups do not look in the mirror to correct their own failings first before going out and complaining how unfair the world is. This style of class warfare make puppet masters rulers of the argument and they want ot control the answers.


   How about following 240 years of pricipales that have helped our country grow and get better. Before you jump in and complain about slavery, we corrected that with Repulicans wotking to follow the GOD  given right to LIBERTY. Wa are all flawed human beings. Sinners like me want to atone for our discretions and grow up and make this society a better place.

How to make this REPUBLIC BETTER?

WEALTH comes from teh educated people that reside in our country. Wealth coames not from confiscation of materials and money. When those objects are used up, then where do you find new ones?

I can tell you one of the answers is 'NOT TO KILL OUR BABIES!!!!".

WE are killing future generations of great minds that could have helped us to answer problems we have.

Your right to life does not come at the expense of KILLING the baby's right TO LIFE LIBERTY AND PURSUIT  OF HAPPINESS.

Our individual decisions affect the rights of others when we do not care on what is the outcome from our choice. The FEEL GOOD society and the SAFE SPACE  society disregard the needs of  others when they do not care what is the otrcome  from choices.


   Realize that those who shut you down with your speech and thoughts are the ones who cannot win the argument. Examples are the rioters if ANTIFA, the DEMOCRATIC National committee and Intellecuals who know they are the only ones who in thier own mind are the only ones who can safely guide your life. These are the ones who live in gated housing to keep out Deplorables like the citizens.

   These are the people who give away other peoples earnings: NO ONE TAKES BETTER CARE OF PEOPLES THINGS BETTER THAN THEIR OWN.

BERNIE SUPPORTERS AND YANG SUPPORTERS. 3.0 Just look at the way BERNIE SANDERS AND ANDREW YANG just promise giving away the earnings and wealth that others have created. There is nothing in their bag of promises, but, to take away other people’s money and show how compassionate they are. All the Democrats and Intellectuals have, AND are hurting America the past failings of 40 yrs..

When Liberals get into office they trear down the successes of republican leaders.    We are now at a cross road where we can get far ahead and not need LIBERALS to save the poor and help victims from the Liberal lies that America is unjust, unfair, and difficult.  These Democratic candidates only see the failure of society and want to level the playing field with someone else’s money. BERNIE AND YANG don’t want to show that those who succeed need to be left alone and allow them to create jobs without using a gun.

Ours is a volunteer free market that allows great minds to provide products and services that are wanted and needed to the American public. WASHINGTON MUST stay out of trying to pick winners in a freemarket. If they do not, I see it as a bribe. Obama should be in jail for paying SOYNDRA with our tax dollars to fail and walk away with millions of dollars in golden parachutes for company officials.

    If the pubic cannot see the problems with lies, dirty politics, and Democratit dealings with BENGAZI, FAST AND FURIOS, Eric Holer, Hilary Clinton and the Texas Domestic terrorist at Fort Hood, to name a few, We fail as a nation.

    The other side of the coin is, How do you not see the successes of PRESIDENT TRUMP?

The Failings and lies of the Democrats.  The Democrats and Intellectuals on the left, LIE, and FAIL to follow through on the promises they Espouse.BERNIE Sanders says "HEATLHCARE IS A RIGHT". HE IS WRONG!!!!   Let me explain; a right given to by GOD is my responsibility. The right to LIFE, is my responsibility not to kill you.     The right to LIBERTY is my responsibility not ot stop you from saying what you want. The right to pursue HAPPINESS, is my responsibility tonot act against you in fulfilling  your dreams as long as it does not stifle mine. NOTICE that my requirements in these exclude action against your rights.    When BERNIE CREATES NEW RIGHTS, THEY COME AT A COST TO YOU AND ME.    BERNIES right to healthcare demands that you pay for it in the eyes of BRENIE.Bernie puts out the idea that it a failing of society that WE don't take care of you. HE never mentions the fact that his philosophy will banckcrupt our country. LOOK AT WHAT ELISABETH WARREN, her costs alone fot education are UNBELIEVABLE.